Why We're Better for the Environment

At Code 7 Roof & Solar, our mission is to Be Better, Build Better, and Serve Better. This is in all aspects of everything that we do! We want to serve our community with this mission, we want to provide the best possible roofing and solar products with this mission, and we want to help our environment with this mission. We love to partner with organizations in our community and around the world to do our part to help reduce the impact humans have on the environment. Learn more about how working with Code 7 can help the environment here, and contact our team today for a quote on roofing and solar projects.


Reducing The Carbon Footprint

When you choose solar panels for your home or business, you’ll be choosing a sustainable source of energy that can help to reduce your carbon footprint. By lessening your dependence on standard energy, you’ll be helping the environment, bit by bit. To learn the full advantages of solar and how we can best implement it to your property, reach out to us now!


Give Back

Code 7 in police code means “meal break,” and that has become the fundamental basis of our company. We give back 7% of our net profits to feed hungry children. Some of the current partnerships we have include:

  • Lion Project

  • Helping Heroes Colorado

  • Colorado Veterans Project

In the future, we plan to partner with the Tim Tebow Foundation, Feeding America, and Operation Underground Railroad. To learn more about how we give back, contact us at any time. Code 7 is our passion and we’d be happy to share more about it with you.


Reduced Energy Waste

When you work with us, you can help reduce your own energy waste as well. By choosing our high-quality roofing and solar options, you will be able to use less energy overall. When your property is properly insulated with top-notch roofing, you’ll notice a decrease in the excess energy that is often lost through a poorly insulated roof.

Get A Quote Today

Contact the team at Code 7 today to learn more about our mission to serve our community and how we can provide you with incredible options for roofing and solar installation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!